This half term we have been working as Time Agents for the Time Institute.  Chrono’s has removed the fabulous Grimm’s fairy tales from the timeline and the children have been working to replace them.  We  looked at lots of different fairy tales and then wrote our own.  To replace famous adventures to the time line such as Neil Armstrong and Sir Francis Drake we wrote reports about their lives and achievements.  The children enjoyed recreating Gustav Klimt’s artwork using paint and tissue paper.

In maths we have calculated using addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.  Time has been focus and we have concentrated on learning how to read the analogue clock to 5 minute intervals.  We have worked out costs for office equipment for the Time Institute.  We were lucky enough this half term to have a cricket coach in school to teach the children skills towards playing a cricket match.  It has been a super half term and we are all looking forward to next half term.


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