Book of Wonder – Nature

This half term in Science we have investigated plants and how they grow.  How does a seed germinate?  What does it need to germinate?  We enjoyed planting and observing the seeds as they began to grow.  We had sunflowers and broad beans in our classroom.  We also had a nature walk around our school gardens and found lots of different plants which we didn’t realise were living in our grounds.  We created some lovely artwork from observing images very closely and trying to recreate what we could see.  In PE we did athletics and we are now fabulous at jumping, running and throwing.

In English we looked at recounts and wrote some super recounts of our library trip.  We have worked very hard in maths and reading as we had our SATs during the last week.  We found that we quite enjoyed them!  To round off our nature topic we had a fantastic visit to Alnwick Gardens.  It was a lovely day out and the children spent time learning about bees, pollination and how to plant seeds.



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