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Portal Digital

In Spring 1 Maple class worked for Olive Stein creating work for a new website she was creating.  We became Digi pod 2.  In our Digi pod we wrote stories for Olive’s site which were all about Roald Dahl’s characters The Twits.  The children had a great time thinking about pranks which the horrible pair could play on each other.  The stories were super and some are on the website as Olive loved them so much.

We also looked at a healthy body, diet and mind.  The children made an exercise video which focused on short bursts of exercise over 15 minutes.  They looked at all the factors which make up a healthy body such as exercise, diet, water, good mental health, weight, no smoking or drinking and plenty of sleep.  They designed and made smoothies which would be a healthy alternative sweets.  We discussed having vegetables in smoothies as well as fruit and they class came up with some good suggestions.

We also looked at pets and how to keep them healthy.  We wrote health plans for rabbits and dogs.  Some of these are also published on the website.  The class worked well for Olive and she was really pleased with the work they produced.  They all said they would love to work for Olive again in Year 3.

The Investigation Bureau

This half term we have been working for Commissioner Fox at the Investigation Bureau.  We have found out about all different types of materials.  Including waterproof and non waterproof materials. We also investigated natural and man made materials.

Crankpot had his new inventions stolen!  Maple class created some new inventions for him using different types of materials which they thought would be suitable for the product.  Professor Crankpot was really pleased with our ideas and the fact that we helped him remember!

In maths we have investigated number and place value.  Lots of numbers were stolen from calculations and we had to find the missing numbers in both subtraction and addition questions.  We have used Julia Donaldson stories in English and loved reading and acting out some of her stories.  We wrote our version of Room on the Broom.


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